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  • Poron Micro 4 Talking Reversing Aid System

    • Ideal for Commercial Vehicles that are up to 8' 1/2 Feet Wide.

    Sensor Cables available in 10FT (Standard), 30FT Cable and Heavy Duty.

    Poron Micro 4 Talking Reversing System

    SKU: SP40
    $295.00 Regular Price
    $250.00Sale Price
    Additional Options
    • 4 Surface Mount Sensors. Sensor Cable leads with 8FT detection Range, 40FT Speaker Wire. Supports 12-24 volt systems.


      Brackets Optional:

      Surface Mount Sensor with 8FT Cable.


      System Options:

      10FT Sensor Cable.

      30FT Sensor Cable.

      Heavy Duty 8 Ohm External Speaker 45FT Cable Includes Weatherproof Protective Box.