Safety Camera Syetem (Wired)

  • Included 5" Display
  • IP69k Waterproof Rating

Safety Camera Syetems harness is easily mounted to the fork in minutes.


Safety Camera Syetem (Wireless)

  •  5.6" LCD Wireless Monitor and Wireless Camera.
  • IP69k Waterproof Rating.

The Magnetic Camera can be placed anywhere on the Forklift and instantaneously pairs. Allowing you to pair the system without leaving your seat.


Safety Camera System for Forklifts

SKU: 77F6033
Additional Options
  • System Details (Wired):

    • 5" LCD Digital Color Display.
    • Precise 45° Viewing Angle.
    • Equipped with back-lit buttons that illuminate in the dark.


    Safety Camera Syetem (Wireless)

    •  5.6" LCD Wireless Monitor and a Wireless Camera.
    • IP69k Waterproof Rating.
    • Precise 45° Viewing Angle.


    • U-Bracket
    • Flushmount
    • Standard Mount

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